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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grandmaster Flash Presents The (Wireless) MessageAs the leader of The Furious Five
Grandmaster Flash has always been recognized as a pioneer in the rap industry. Now Flash will offer his help to the next wave of Hip-Hop mobile music. In a deal announced last week in conjunction with Cellfish Media, Flash will be producing exclusive ringtones for CellFish’s “Blingtones.” The DJ extraordinaire says, “Blingtones is just as exciting as when I first came up with the turntable science. Everyone has a cell phone and everyone wants to hear music on their phone…and they want it first.”

The SC loves stories like this. When an elder like Flash embraces the digital revolution there may be hope for the rest of us.

However, in other embarrassing news pulled from our friends at allhiphop

Suge Knight is bankrupt
Dave Mays is bankrupt (although remember bankrupt does not mean broke; it means get off my ass creditors. I don’t think we’ll see Dave or Sugar Bear on the county line)
Adidas pulls out of Hip-Hop. Adidas would be nothing in the Sates without Hip-Hop. ‘Nuff respect to the soccer market, but get real.

To the winners from yesterday’s contest email your address to
info@brooklynbodega.com for your prize

That new Outkast joint is dope


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