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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bye bye Nets. When you come to Brooklyn that sh*t will be inexcusable.
Good work Cliff Robinson getting booted during the playoffs for Deeeeeeeee-R-U to the G-S (Freewizzle fans stand up)

With the LeBrons stressing Detroit (pronounced Day-trwoy) Miami should get to the Finals….against the Mavs!
Dirk and Shaq, holla!

You think you are on your grind Joell Ortiz, look at Martha Stewart

New Era retail store. Finally a place with nothing but oversized hats with straight ass brims that cover your eyes

Microsoft teams with MTV to topple iTunes. We’ll see

No sh*t Sherlock

Soon the SC will be ghost…on the laptop chilling in Prospect Park

Followed a link to the Al-Jazeera website. Took mad long. I know I got pinged


Blogger Joey said...

Maneuver the v throughout the U.S. with two sets of keys...

A few summers ago, I went to Jones Beach and saw the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour featuring Jay-Z and the Roc. When Freeway came out and unleashed that heatrock, I lost my shit. It was amazing.

May 17, 2006 6:02 PM


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