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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

LaVinci Code Scandal

Thailand cuts 10 minutes from The DaVinci Code. If this is fiction as all my good church going friends say why such concern?
I still am not sure Tom Hanks can pull it off. We’ll see. It opened at Cannes this week.

3rd indictment handed down yesterday down in Durham.
You see the dude, Evans, at his press conference? Can you see mad nervous? How about scripted like a motherphunker?

This is how a high profile case is handled in 2006. Screw the jury and due process. It’s all about trying the case in the court of public opinion. Taint jurors.
Put accused rapists in front of the mic in collared blue shirts.
By the time this thing gets to trial I imagine most people will have decided that 1) these are good kids who are victims of a nasty stripper or 2) privileged white boys who have taken advantage of another Black woman. I honestly am not sure who is right. This girl may have cried ‘rape’ after these dudes stiffed her on the paper.

I have seen strippers get jerked out of money many times before. I have also played lacrosse for 20 years and despite the great strides the sport has made the majority of cats I have played with are sheltered, privileged, woefully culturally ignorant white men and women. Could they have had a few too many, blew too many lines and flipped the f**k out? Definitely.

But I don’t know this woman or these 3 cats. The cats that I know who played at Duke are some of the coolest cats I know. I have had the best ‘drunk conversations’ of my life with dancers and strippers.
I do agree with the latest player indicted in saying that I am eagerly awaiting the trial and the rolling out of actual evidence, not spin.

‘Sheed, what happen to the guaranteed victory. If The LeBrons pull this out, the city of Detroit will riot.

Come ‘on Barry. Break this record already

1st batch of tickets for the BHF released today…aiiiiiiiiiiight


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