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Monday, November 21, 2005

Whose House?

...Run's House!

This is THE best portrayal of Black folks on TV. Better than ‘The Cosby Show'
Better than 'Soul Food'
And even better than 'The Diary of Desmond Phifer' (that cat gets mad work for being part of such a maligned show).

Here are my reasons:

1) It is good to see Run relevant again. Run is arguably the most important (not best) MC of all time. RUN DMC launched the global Hip-Hop economy. They showed us all that you can earn a decent living from Hip-Hop. That mentality spawned the Hip-Hop entrepreneurs that inspire our youth (sometimes for the worse). In this MTV, Information age RUN DMC could have easily been forgotten in lieu of Young Jeezy, Chamillionaire and the rest of the Johnny Come Lately's.

2) That is a loving and imperfect family.
It's reality TV so I am not sure how much is scripted (certainly more than I suspect), but those story lines feel real. I loved The Cosby Show, but keeping it funky, I never knew a family like that. So at times the story lines felt more fictional than they really were. And not that I am cool with any rappers with mini mansions in Saddle River avec pools and ball courts, but it does seem more tangible.

3) As a parent I can connect with it on another level
Run and his wife have interesting approach to parenting that I can appreciate. It’s not always what I would agree with, but it’s dope nonetheless.

With all the damage Irv “I used to call myself Gotti before I caught Fed charges and re-thought my stupid Italian gangster persona” Lorenzo and Earl “call me DMX. I got an asthma attack” Simmons are doing to Hip-Hop it is good to see Hip-Hop associated with love, struggle, family, success, and a little sibling rivalry.

Seriously, between Irv, X, and Curtis “50 Cent, Ass shot, I had to make myself cry, a few cycles away from being chubby” Jackson Hip-Hop looks like shit now. And that bad image really hurts us when we are trying to get permits from the Fever Doo Wops aka the cops, for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival ’06. I hate it and want it to stop so bad it makes my trick knee act up.

Speaking of trick knees shout out to the Fort Greene Park Football crew. We had a blast. And when it got cold all I had to do was pound some Miller High Life’s.

Shout to James Blagden who burned me on the 10 yard Out and Up pattern.

Heard there was another Unspoken track on the Boondocks last night. Whoever saw it please put us on. I fell asleep…again.

Since I fell off last week (baby and wife sick) I got mad posts brewing in my head… ROME, Homonymic Phrases, Mythical Places and many more.

Till tomorrow…Water


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