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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day blah, blah, blah

Poking around this morning on Sandbox to see what's good these days and came across a copule of releases I knew nothing about. New Roots was the best among them. New Lone Cat, which I knew about thanks to J Sands' spamming...

There are A LOT of records on there. Not too many that tickle my fancy, to be honest. Do you guys still keep up with all these releases, or have you gotten lazy like the SC? I feel like these records come out and have some interest and in like 10 days the story is over. The indie scene has increasingly become like the major label scene. No real artists developement and if you ship-out numbers are not diesel, the label, distributor and consumer loses interest.

Increasingly I think Iam getting old. My taste in Hip-Hop is become more and more distant from the youth. These cats Sage Francis, Aesop Rock? I don't get it - not a judgement call, just saying I don't get it.

-Will the Knicks win a game
-The Great White Hope comes closer to his destiny
-Serious about your hustle? read this book, and this one, and oh yeah this one
-where can I get liner notes for all these albums iTunes has hoodwinked me into actually buying!?


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