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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alternate side of the street parking is suspended today...

...it's Get Rich or Die Tryin' day....what!? it's not a holiday? Then how did all those people get off from work/school to line up on Court Street today?

If people cut school or called in sick to see this they should be shamed, shamed I say. You only skip work for good movies like 'The Matrix' or 'Star Wars.'

Just joking, but I did see a gang of people queued up for the flick. I am very suspect. I respect 50's business acumen, but I have very little interest in hearing his faux life story. Somehow I think I could write the script myself. It is the same drug dealer to Hip-Hop story that seems to never grow old. But I will say that when looking at the director who shot the joiun, I tend to think it will be deeper than that.

Anyhoo, who saw T.O.'s press conference? Embarassing. I was a bit sad to see T.O. roll up there with his tail between his legs. I tell you I do NOT like that Drew Rosenhaus character. He came off like a poorly attired used car salesman. That purple tie? come on, cousin. You got millions in comissions - get a stylist, go to J Crew, watch a Kanye video, something!

I am not gonna blame the agent, but I am sure his slick ass enabled T.O.'s arrogance. Then the Eagles son-ed him and now his whole career is virtually over. 33 year old, ego-maniac, locker room cancer. Who is gonna give him a big contract? He should have sucked it up this year after his 1st ploy failed. Rocked it, then re-negotiated in a professional manner at the end of the year.

(for the record I think they should have re-negotiated his contract in the off season. Arrogance on both sides hurt all involved)

In other news, the SC will be a guest lecturer at the Clive Davis School at NYU tomorrow (Thursday). Thanks to Leota at Virgin for the opportunity.


-where is Jean Grae?


Blogger DougNyce said...

When you gonna write about the real news?. Who's gettin the in the BCS?!!?!! lol

Tryin to get a blog up. Still don't know how this all works though.


November 10, 2005 3:06 AM


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