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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

HBO done did it again to me. The final episode of Rome had me on the edge of my seat. The writing on that joint is just out of sight. As a half ass writer, myself, it is even more impressive. Pullo is the key to the whole story while not being the star of an ensemble cast.

Where did they find these guys? The only actor I recognize is the big dude who reads the news. Lucius, Caesar, Antony, Octavian…I have never seen them before.

Why does it seem like Brutus has a bunch of cotton balls in his mouth. Like spit is constantly falling out his mouth.

I heard that this was a one season deal, but from looking at the boards it looks like we will get part 2 this Spring. And we will see the true nut, Antony, set it off. I look forward to seeing him cold wax Brutus and Cassius.

Feel bad for Lucius…well, you know what they say (that wasn’t very nice).


In other news, this Murder Inc. trial is such an embarrassment. This proves the rock solid theory that these rappers are not real gangsters. Real crooks (or rather smart crooks) do not text message each other after a hit. This sounds like the story of a bunch of little boys who saw GoodFellas a few too many times. I am sure facing all this fed time they wish they had acted their age.

What about Ashanti? She is probably saying to herself, “I did not sign up for this. Clive Davis please buy out my contract.”


Been listening to ‘To Da Break A Dawn”, “Rampage”, and “Jingling, Baby” on the iPod lately. LL is indeed one of the best that ever did it. He can rhyme is ass off. Better than most. The story of why he is not properly revered (and Marley Marl) is one of the great tales in Hip-Hop. I am sure he is not crying because he is probably top 5 in terms of gross earnings. He has been collecting royalty, licensing, and movie checks for about 20 years.


I have this dope playlist called ‘The Truth’ where I just have the purest Hip-Hop songs in my library. Gangstarr, Diamond, Pete and CL, Nas, KRS, Slick Rick Black Star and some more current cats like Jay, Beans, Kanye, Jaylib, and Doom. On the bus today I asked myself the question, “Who is carrying on the tradition of those classic artists?”

I am not sure where Kweli is headed. Mos has gone in another direction. Doom and Madlib are way more eccentric than the elders. Little Brother picked up the mantle, but I think they are more about paying tribute than blazing new trails. After seeing The Roots at Central Park I am not sure where they are headed. So many indie artists of the class of ’95 (those great days when you could as I like to say, have not reached their potential or in the case of Company Flow (El-P) have made a dramatic left turn.

I believe that the economy of Hip-Hop has stifled creativity. Hip-Hop has become risk averse and fiscally conservative. There is simply little reward for forward thinkers. Conformity is King. No one pushes their creative boundaries. Artists act more like small, self employed business owners than creative forces.

When I think about it, there are only a few artists that I can think of that I feel that push themselves creatively and put their muse first are Outkast, El-P (for better or worse), Doom, Madlib, and Kanye. Many more, indie and commercial, fall into a particular mold. “Look how much wealth I have accumulated,” “look at how the game overlooked my incredible talent,” “It is so frustrating being better than my competition,” “I am about to take over the game.” Blah, blah, blah.

I don’t think there is enough emphasis on innovation. And if we are not careful we are going to suffocate under the weight of our own economy.

But what the hell do I know?


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