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Monday, November 07, 2005

Missed most of my Sunday night TV fix...

...but I did get home in time to catch a bot of the Eagles game. They should have gotten rid of T.O. a while ago. Whoever didn't see this coming is crazy. Not really buying the Straight Bangin' ESPN conspiracy theory.

-Jets took a close 'L' that I am not mad at.

-The NYG's continue to roll.

-Missed Family Guy and Rome - Thank goodness for HBO ON Demand and [adult swim]

- and speaking of Adult Swim, I did catch the premiere of The Boondocks. Here are some lazy bullet pioints
  • 1st off, good to see so many years of hard work finally come to fruition. Aaron has been working on that for years
  • nice look for our man Gabriel Benn aka Asheru to rock the intro
  • the Japanese anime - didn't expect that. kind of threw me off
  • as did Regina King's voice for Huey and Riley. I knwo they are 8 and 10 years old and probably biologically have the voice of a woman, but for some reason I thought of Huey as a grown man stuffed in a little guy's body. Not a little guy with a grown man's mentality. gonna take some getting used to
  • Charlie Murphy was THE best part. I hope he stays around
  • I am not one of those hard liners about dropping the 'n-bomb' but it was a bit much. Most of the time it did make sense - as far as how real convos tend to go.
  • If you are not familiar with the strip I think it assumed too much.
  • I hope Riley's character gets fleshed out for the TV viewing audience. He is the co-star, yes, but he is the Phife to Huey's Q-Tip

With the sucess of DangerDoom I am sure more Hip-Hop heads are gonna get hip to adult swim, but the shows after Boondocks were as good or better. I LOVE 'Robot Cicken' and that other show 'Minoriteam' was crazy.



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