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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A new Installment

A new feature for the SCR today.
Some bullsh*t reviews of the flicks I receive in my lovely red envelopes
  • 'Kingdom Of Heaven' sucks

Orlando Bloom's performance is what they call "phoning it in." His understated performance made it seem like he wished he was at the wrap party for LOTR. Story was weak. The action sequences were few and far between. I kept waiting for Aragon and Gimli to come across the desert. The best part was cousin in the metal mask. Like a middle ages MF Doom. Wait for cable. Save your slot.

  • At the crib I have a 'Legend of Wolverine 'cartoon, 'The MC - Why We Do It', and 'The Village' shipping today. Anyone seen these joints? I am worried about the MC movie
  • and what's the deal with the class action lawsuit?
  • can't wait for Episode III and the Stewie Griffith story

In other news:

  • Like Scoop Jackson I am off the Phil Jackson boat. He is just another closet racist. In league with David Stern in his attack on youth and Hip-Hop culture
  • And what is the deal with Ralph Samson. Come on sun, tighten up!
  • my favorite new sports anchor, Big Daddy Hip-Hop


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