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Thursday, November 03, 2005

'White people, this is your only chance to say nigger, so take advantage'

Just one of the great lines from last night's 'Touch The Sky' show at
The Garden. Kanye's tour came to the Apple and thanks to our good friend
'Breaka' Dawn Kinard we got the stupid dope seats. 4 rows back. Just
behind Kanye's mom-who BTW was rocking the fresh 'Kanye West's Mom'
jacket and T-shirt.

Trifling celebrity sightings in our section (I can be so juvenille)

-Andre Harrell
-Puffy's manager - that bald head dude from MTB2
-Toure, cultural critic extrodinnaire

Other interesting sightings:
-more teenage and pre-teen white girls than I ever would have imagined
-all the aunts Kanye rhymes about
-more middle aged parents than I expected
-basically a lot young'uns
-scattered fitted hat, NBA dress code violating brothers. Not many
-not as many preppy Hip-Hoppers as I expected

As for the show? Kanye killed it. He had Kareem Riggins, his DJ A-Track,
and his string section (complete with a baaad ass 'fly colored Asian'
woman leading the ensemble. 5 violins and a Harpist) begind this opaque
box type thing. 2 back up singers, strobe lights, disco balls, a twin
bed, a clothes rack and various other props that most Hip-Hoppers are
too lazy to implement.

Fantasia opened up and sweated through her white top - not cute. But she
impressed me. Weird pairing for Kanye, but I wasn't mad.

Keisha Cole didn't perform. Why? I don't know. She have missed her slot
or just been bumped.
She came out and sang the chorus on one joint then left.

(Kan)Ye ran through all the hits and faves - 'Drive Slow', 'Gold
Digger', 'Jesus Walks', 'Through The Wire', 'Late' etc.

He did that Brandy song that I hated on the record but live it was way

On a side note, I can't think of a rapper who so many people like but
can't bear to admit it. Kanye gets his props, but I honestly hear from
so many haters, and conversely I can't think of a group like Little
Brother that has so few haters... But that story is for another day.


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