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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Almost too hot to blog

I have been MIA most of the week as the oppressive heat slowed my big ass down. It actually isn't that bad. With the Festival approaching (JUNE 18TH!!!!) things have been busy up in the office.

Make sure to check the BHF site for the latest.

Tickets are gone! poof! vamoose! for the moment...but still log onto to the site and when more become available we will be sure to hook it up. Plus we have fresh prizes for those who do register.

I am posting a picture of the BHF Festival official poster by James Blagden. There will be signed copies for sale at the Festival.

As we went to get the permits from the local precinct the cops got 'nervous' with the mention of Hip-Hop. It is an embarrassing shame that our culture has become synonymous with crime. Things are way out of balance. And I tell you stunts like Game pulled at Summer Jam does not help. What the hell is wrong people?

2 millionaires acting like Junior High knickleheads. And it gives all of Hip-Hop a bad name because the uninformed lump us all together. Well, that is what the Festival is for. To let people know there is another side of the game. It ain't all jewelry and hoes. I know it sounds cliche, but when I heard what the cop said it got me all fired up this morning.

Game, 50, Dip Set, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Snoop all have their place. I like their stuff, but the other side must be repped. Call it backpack, neo Native Tongue, or whatever but I am proud of that music, its teachings and its legacy.

I am proud to have artists like Brand Nu, Little Brother and Rhymefest at the first annual BHF. We are gonna show them how the other side lives.


Blogger ian said...

> 2 millionaires acting like Junior High knickleheads (sic).

I said that when this beef first jumped off and was told my one blog pundit:

"Unfortunately, this is how 50 and Game have been conditioned to settle their disputes. A million dollars does not come with instructions or reprogramming. I'm not advocating it, but I know what it is. On my block, it's as Dizzee Rascal said: Nine milimeters settle debates. This is what it is. I'm not happy about it, but I accept it. Only by accepting it can we truly look at it. By looking at it, we can understand it. By understanding it, we can change it. There is no other way. Even Buddha says this."

He then later said, when I argued that 50 was too smart a dude who should know better than to get into something as petty and stupid as this:

"The first is that I know 50 Cent much better than you do. I would also be brazen enough to say that I know Curtis Jackson in a way that is unique to any other individual who may or may not no him on deeper levels.

The second thing is that value systems are not static across the board. Any given person may (and most likely does) have a specific value system in place for his spiritual life, another in place for his dealings with women, another for his career, his family life, his creativity, and so forth.

That being said, I believe 50 has a specific value system that operates when confrontation is involved. It is quite separate from his business value system. And, due to certain experiences in his life, it trumps all others.

I am not saying agree with it to say it is okay. I am saying agree with it to recognize what is. We can only change what is. How can we possibly change what does not exist?

We cannot be responsible for the workings of the average hip-hop fan or any other person. We can only be responsible for ourselves.

I agree with you that 50 most likely calculated many of the possible ends to his movements and came up with: "Worst case scenario, this is good publicity." But I cannot stress enough that 50 and Game do no get along-- and that mutual dislike is genuine. This is a very real situation--one which I sadly accept that, in all likelihood, will get much worse before it gets better.

We cannot hope to turn ideals into perfection. We can only work to transform realities into ideals. This is the real world. We must accept what IS--first and foremost. We must embrace and become intimate with "this way." Only then can we say, "there is another way."

Once again, in my deepest core, I believe there is nothing fake about these men's disputes. I surely do not think that it is not optimal or being handled in the most effective manner, but those are 50's decisions. Let us first make peace with his right to be the master of his own destiny and work from that point forward. There really is no other way to the end which I believe we both aspire to see."

Real talk or tacit approval of the knuckleheadery that's tarnishing hip hop? Anyone?

June 10, 2005 12:07 PM


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