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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Slashies

In the spirit of Zoolander, here is another SC list.

The Rappers/Actors, in no particular order, plus the flick I remember
them for.

-Mos Def - Bamboozled, a great piece of cinema. The Mau Mau's are coming
you Delacroix's

-Ice t - that joint where he was being hunted like a deer. Probably my
least favorite slashy

-Krs 1, HBO project that Rosie Perez did AND 'Who's The Man? - listing
every actor in that flick would kill this list

-Busta, Finding Forrester. Shaft was wack

-Q tip, Prison Song. He pulled off a thugged out Abstract. 'She Hate
Me' performance was forgettable.

-Fat Joe, Prison Song. Didn't Tip kill Cooked Crack?

-NORE, Prison Song and State Property II even though I never saw it, but
I have no doubt Victor Santiago delivered a Deniro like performance

-Ja Rule, that joint with Ving Rhames exceeded my terribly low

-DMX, Belly was dope. Needed a screenwriter

-Kurrupt, some wack flick with Steven Segal

-Latifah, the blacker than thou waitress in Jungle Fever

-Meth, 'The Show' even though it was a documentary, Meth had the best

-Red, MTV Cribs, the only time they did a real crib. I heard that was
his cousin's crib

-Ludacris, heard 'Crash' was dope

-Snoop, 'Starsky and Hutch', he did a better Huggy Bear than Antonio

-Ice Cube, 'Higher Learning' was unederrated

-Saffir, 'Menace II Society', the Saucee Nomad was a real 'G'

-The RZA-rector, the Ghost Dog cameo was money

Artists that need a movie deal:
-Big Boi
-Rapper Noyd
-The Extra P


Blogger Joey said...

A Ghostface movie would likely supplant "Scarface" as the movie most commonly owned by rappers and athletes. Maybe not, but it would be close. Is there any artist like Ghost, a dude who is commercial and universally adored, but does not actually make a major mainstream impact? I fucking love G-Dini!

June 01, 2005 2:01 PM

Blogger mark cilantro said...

you though the great Ghost Dini might be dead? NEVER. Forever pull out black burners

One of the greatest poets of our time

There is no one like Starky Lovebug

June 01, 2005 3:44 PM


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