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Saturday, May 28, 2005

What's really hood?

So I'm walking Roxy on Fulton this morning and I see a Heineken poster
in a phone booth display. They had the ice cold bottle, you know the
'it's all about the beer'

The caption was 'what's really good'

Love it.

That my friends is called knowing thy customer.

Enjoy the weekend. To City Island I go.

Btw, what is the verdict on the Mos Def car commercial. Meant to shout
that out on the blog a few weeks back.

I'm not mad at it

And 1 more thing look for 'yer man' Wes's editorial in the next issue of
Elemental. Shout to Michael, Adam and Matt.

Some legendary artists will be added to the Festival next week. And some
media partners that will break th 7H/RS haters collective hearts.




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