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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

  • Sorry it has taken me a minute to get back on the blog hustle. Being out of the office allows the work to pile up. The Expo itself was intense to say the least. An assault on the senses. Explosions, music, DJ’s, scantily clad ladies, etc. It was good to see some folks from ‘the block’ out there in LA. My man Neil Nice from Ecko, Datwon from King, my man 007 aka Christian Barnett from the Rawkus days and before, Chace Infinite from Self Scientific. Also good to meet some new and ‘newer’ friends like Eleanor at Sanctuary, Denise at WB, Scott and Aaron at Geffen. Without a doubt the most memorable meeting was with the god folks at Interscope. Definitely one of those industry moments that shed some light on things.

    Here are some ramblings because I lack the energy to write full sentences.
  • The 50 game is VIOLENT! Not for the weak stomached
  • The gPod twist is gonna change the game
  • 50 is a hustler, whatever you think of his music
  • there are nice people working at VU Games
  • there were a lot of strippers or chicks who damn sure look like them at the Expo
  • I have no idea how chicks in LA stay so thin (well most of them---zinger!)
  • Room Service loves Patty Weber
  • Geffen New Media are good hosts
  • F*&k selling CD’s, ringtones homey
  • Chace Infinite is a bully
  • Muggs is older than you think, but can still spin
  • The cat in J5 who used to have locks looks maaad old w/o them
  • Downtown LA is not downtown New York. Remember that
  • The Staples Center is making no dough these days
  • Watch the shower spigots in the City of Commerce
  • Ecko’s ‘Getting Up’ is gonna be hoooot
  • I want a PSP
  • I do not want a Game Boy Micro
  • Success makes wack people super wack
  • Interscope is selling a shit load of records – and they are well aware of it
  • There is a picture of me floating around at Tony Montana’s desk in front of a mountain of coke
  • And 1 of Greg and Ian
  • Jet Blue – strictly, cousin

    In other news the Festival is gonna be off the hook

    I have more Common info from Kim than I can post in a week, but here is some for today

    Common’s new album, Be, hit stores yesterday, and the response has been amazing. He will be chatting live with msn.com visitors on Tuesday, May 31st at 7pm Eastern/ 4pm Pacific.
    http://chat.msn.com/msnlive_feature.msnw?id=artist/common_may2005 to join in. Also, he’ll be making several in-store appearances in Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond, Virginia.
    Tour dates with John Legend and De La Soul are below. And keep scrolling for new video streams of Kanye and Common in the studio and downloads


Blogger Joey said...

Wes, where are the tour dates? Can you post those? Also, I am really looking forward to the festival, although John Legend is also doing a free show that day in Central Park. So much hip-hop! Keep updating; I love this shit.

May 26, 2005 12:00 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

dates are up brother! Wanted to put it up last night but ran out of gas

May 26, 2005 12:13 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Thanks, Wes. I might have to shoot down to Philly for that show at the Factory.

May 26, 2005 1:39 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

yeah, damn that is the closest to the city huh?

Suprised there is no big NY show

May 26, 2005 1:52 PM


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