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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gangster Marketing

I had a Roc A Fella onslaught last night.
Saw the making of State Property II and ‘Fade to Black’ in 3 hours of Hip-Hop cinematic fun. For some reason I love to analyze this business organization. Maybe it’s because like me Damon Dash is a boarding school vet or more likely because their entrepreneurial story is of strong personal interest to the kid.

I see the Dame Dash sans Jay world has begun. The Beanie album and Dash Film seem to be the first signs of the new era. I must admit that I really liked ‘State Property’ (sorry Bonz) even though you would be hard pressed to find one trained actor in the whole cast. But if Ja Rule and Ludacris can do it I see no reason why the Broad Street Bully can’t.

And that Philly crew would go on my list of favorite ignorant rappers. And the greatest ignorant trapper of our time is in SP2, N-O-R aka D.A.N. aka dead arm Nore.

This Source thing looks like it’s falling apart. I wonder if the timing of the lawsuit and the departure of Zino are linked (hmmm). I wonder what it took to finally get him out of there (hmmm). I know they have been trying to get rid of him for years, but Mays was always scared. As my man Ian said I find it hard that the Source business model can be as strong as it was. With the proliferation of websites and blogs I don’t see how a magazine with 2-3 month lead time can be the dominant form of media over an online destination that can change several times a day. I suppose there is the tangible aspect. The glossy pictures, the fashion spreads. That is not quote the same online…yet. [light bulb pops above my head]

Thanks for the comments on the Common post. Looks like everyone thinks the cover is a bite of a Thelonius Monk album. And speaking of Common I know Kim ran his 1st online media day on Monday. 3-4 hours of straight interviews. Here is a post of one of them on MVremix.

Word has it XXL gave him their highest ranking, (an xxl I would imagine) and are calling BE a classic. You heard my impromptu ramblings. I will holla back after a few more listens.

As for those online interviews I can’t believe Kim set up a whole day of interviews for Common and ne’er one of those writers had been sent an album. That, my friends, is some gangster marketing. Interviewing an artist about an album you ain’t even heard. That’s either very gangster or a whole lot of love.

You must pardon my infrequent postings. I got a dog with the runs, shitting all over the house and a 9 week old that lives his life in 2-3 hour bursts.


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