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Friday, March 18, 2005

Hey Yo Wait A Minute!

So much to talk about. I need to get better about updating the blog, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I promised some images of Miles Boogie, but give me another day to finish hooking them up.

So Little Kim is guilty. That trial seemed like a joke from the beginning. She denied knowing the dude in the shooting and then they broke out the ‘Crush On You’ Video and cousin was in it. They say she might do five years. For some reason I don’t see her doing that time.

How long before Brian Nichols, the Atlanta shooter is immortalized in a Hip-Hop song. My leading candidate is Cam’ron. I think they were the 1st to make the Bin Laden reference.

Major League Baseball got ripped a new one today. And they deserved it. You just can’t get that big naturally. I am not one to get on one of these moral high horses, but that type of cheating just isn’t right. You can’t completely stop it, but MLB was way too flagrant. I must say I am glad the heat went to the golden boy, McGuire instead of focusing on the people of color involved like Sosa and Bonds. I couldn’t help but cringe at the racist undertones of the steroid outrage. Today was the 1st day I heard people talk about snatching McGuire’s props as well as Barry’s. I actually don’t agree with that revisionist history position. You can only take away the homers hit while they were proven to be juiced. Not all of them. And if you can’t prove that they were on the juice at a certain point. You gotta leave them alone. Regardless, they have tarnished their image forever no matter what happens.

I think I need to do a piece on how Aftermath has become the hottest imprint in Hip-Hop. After a slooooow start Dre’s Death Row get away is so powerful it makes you forget Death Row. Game, 50, Eminem, G-Unit. Who has more market share?
Remember when Aftermath was the anti gangsta rap label. Remember ‘Been There, Done That’? So much for that. Regardless, I think anyone thought his label would be so wildly successful. Especially after The Firm album (zinger!). And look at Death Row. Oh, how the tide can turn.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee blew my bracket. I haven’t made it past day one in years. Got UAB wrong too, but got Pacific right. My upset for tomorrow is Vermont and ODU. Watch.

So is this 50 album that bad? I gotta listen to it. I keep hearing he gave all the heat to Game. The Game tracks with Just Blaze are banging. And I like the duet with 50 on the radio these days. Other than that I can’t stop listening to Diamond’s first album. That was the truth.

Happy belated St. Patty’s to my Irish brothers.



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