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Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Randomness

sometimes you just need a little Doug E Fresh in your life

•I am down for this Economic stimulus package. Because I am a small business owner I like the Republican pro-business agenda. The rest of it (the agenda) can take a flying leap. Except for parts of the foreign policy. I am not a hawk but doves like Kucinich make little practical sense
•How great would it be if Tom Brady came out on bad leg like Phillip Rivers
•I Hate the Pats
•Tiki, how you feeling now huh, huh, huh?
•The Clintons can officially get the Bozak
•Didn’t it look like Barak wanted to step to Hilary during that CNN debate?
•Edwards won but is still a loser. Go home to your wife pretty boy
•Let’s be real it is this Clinton that people think they are voting for
•For all my Wired fans with HBO Demand (the rest skip this) what Marlo did to Prop Joe just ain’t right. Marlo is moving from outlaw hero to straight bully. I don’t like it
•Who won the Roy Jones fight?
•Three great words – Doug E. Fresh

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