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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Explain to me the Guliani thing again?

So why do you folks in Iowa feel safe about Fool-iani?

- He was in charge when the WTC was attacked - both times
- After the 1st time he was such a leader he put his Command Center...exactly where the attack happened. Brilliant.
-It's like the Sec'y of the Navy putting his office at Pearl Harbor, after the attack
-That is why he has that lovely scene of walking through the streets with the NY1 mic. His office was blown up!
-What exactly is his foreign policy experience?
-Did he ever serve in the military. Say like a John McCain
-He is a lawyer. Hardly the dude I want to go to war with
-Let's ask the real heroes - FDNY, the 1st responders, those who were actually in downtown NY on 9/11 (like my wife) and see if he is their hero
-Bottom line, he helps fix the radios, more firefighters live

And for you other demographics

Homophobes - FYI, he is pro Gay Rights and lived with a gay couple. I know that just make you folks feel icky!

NRA - don't believe him. check the stats

Arts and Culture - Ask the Brooklyn Museum if Fool-iani is a supporter of the Arts. the NEA and all that is screwed

Law & Order folks - you guys are the only ones who should be happy. Although a lot of stats say the decline in crime started with Dinkins

Bible Thumpers - didn't you kick out Slick Willie for getting some head in the Oval Office. This dude used tax dollars to protect his jump off when he went to the Hamptons.

Fiscal Conservatives - Last time I checked he handed over a debt ridden government to Bloomberg. And don't blame 9/11. 9/11 happened a few months before he left office. He was f*cking up way before the planes hit.

Elect this dude and just be prepared to bend over and take it.
For Dems and Repubs he is the worst thing out there

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