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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Obama Winfrey Show

I heard clips from Oprah at the Barak rally on WNYC this morning on the way in. Now I need to listen to more but it gave me such a good feeling. Finally a Black celebrity throwing their weight around for a real cause. I think most of the readers of this blog cannot fully understand how it feels to see Barack actually in the race. My dad told me my whole life you can be whatever you want in life. But as life progressed you become aware of how many people disagree with dear old dad. The wicked black and white devils out there who would love to see another black man get flushed down the drain.

I remember how my pops was when Jesse Jackson won the Illinois primary back in ’84. We were in the car and he said to no one in particular that ‘a Black man can really be president.’ It was like he was finally believing what he had been feeding his kids for years. Now with Obama (also from the Chi oddly enough) I am saying the same thing to Miles, but now where Jesse never had a chance Obama really does. I am not completely in love with his position but I do like it more than Hilary. So far as I believe Hilary’s position is far too malleable. She will change if the wind blows. So will Obama and any politician but I feel he is less likely to compromise himself. I wish he was a bit more radical but I know the deal.

I tell you what disgusts me are these institutional politicians who bend over for the Clinton machine. I heard Andrew Young (former mayor of Atlanta) say that Bill Clinton was blacker than Obama. For a Black person to say that is simply moronic. To question his blackness in and of itself is equally silly. How can such a thing be measured. But if it can, I know one thing is for sure there is no way a white dude who was governor of Arkansas and gave less money to Africa as president than George Bush is blacker than a bi-racial State and US Senator who represented the South Side.

I do know that Andrew Young, Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, and even Jesse himself have more to gain by having the Clintons in the White House. Obama represents a whole new generation. A generation of Black people that thinks Adam Clayton Powell is a street in Harlem. David Dinkins is the dude from a ATCQ song. These are white and Black people who went to private schools and major universities. They weren’t regulated to Bronx Science and City College. They went to Hotchkiss and Maryland and got their law degree from Harvard. They have worked and lived side by side with women, white folks, Asian, gays, lesbians, and Jews since 1st grade.

The old guard has little sway on their opinion. Unfortunately Big Perm (The Rev. Al) is nothing but a rabble rouser and media hound. For the record that is not my position. The bottom line is the checks from the Obama office will not be as meaty as the Clinton checks. Obama is more likely to put his Jewish homeboy from Harvard in that key position than the Percy Sutton designate.

These old Black politicians are great. I love them. They got the dogs off our ass so Obama could go to Harvard without a cross being burned. But I believe they are more concerned with power these days. The struggle and how the struggle can feed them. I hope someone pulls Andrew Young’s coat and tells him to shut up and remember why you are in the game. So that young Miles and Savannah can grow up and laugh at the devil who attempts to hold them back.

Be like Oprah and realize this is the time for us to change the world.
(do so and I am sure you can talk to someone about beefing up that check, lol)

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Anonymous Stephanie Elder said...

Great piece Wes, and not just because your sentiments tend to echo mine. I've been riding for Obama since his speech at the convention in '04. Looking at him on the screen then, I said to myself, "that's the first black president". He's got a legitimate shot at this thing, no matter what the media says. It's unfortunate that the so-called "old guard", are too invested in playing the game, and profiting from it, than they are for actual change in our country and our communities. Regardless of the outcome this go around, Barack is the truth. I went to a volunteers meeting near my house in Jersey, and the diversity in the room was remarkable. Whites, Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Middle Easterners, you name, all committed to getting him elected. It was inspiring.

December 10, 2007 2:40 PM


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