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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bodymore and the Male Capri

Went down to Baltimore for my cousin's wedding this past weekend (shout to Claudia and Jimmy, NY Times style).

Here is what I learned:

-Bodymore, Murderland is a stupid nickname

-nothing tops the Boogie Down Bronx or Money Makin' Manhattan or the best non NYC nickname, The Money Savin' New Haven (CT)

-especially for those who are far removed from B'more's rough side

-I did see some Wire level sh@t while in B’more:
hand to hands in front of the Foot Locker and local doughboys smacking each other around.
All on the way to the family cookout

-the Summer '07 sees the continued assault on flip flops and open toed footwear in Hip-Hop. As a flip flop advocate I have to say this attack is completely unwarranted. While I and my brethren are attacked I have noticed an astonishing instance of hypocrisy. Yes. I am taking about the Hip-Hop Capri pants.

While sipping on some sizurp on the B’more Bay I noticed an astonishing number of these 'shorts.' Shorts so long they stretch and snap the very definition. Shorts so close to the ankle they must be labeled short pants or…Capri’s

Fellas, either wear full pants or real shorts.
Shorts should be an inch or two below the knee or hit the knee right on. Anything within an inch of the ankle is unacceptable

And as far as footwear. Timbs must be shelved when the Mercury hits 75 degrees.
Don’t front like your feet ain’t smoking. You get a pass if you use your Timbs for work or only have one pair of kicks.
Be comfortable in your masculinity. There is nothing funny style about letting your dogs breathe.
Time to grow up gents.

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