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Monday, July 02, 2007

Observations from...

Observo, master of the obvious, teller of things we already know or don't care about

- I like that Sean Kingston song. Even though the 'suicidal' hook is a bit morose

-Koch is really working. Where did that kid come from?

- I love that MTV show 'Rob & Big'
Big reminds me of my man Big Rock I think

- You turn around and T Pain is like a legit hit hip-pop maker. Those songs are everywhere

- Because he came to the Festival I now like Fat Joe. Comletely self serving and shallow

- Making The Band has caught me in its damn web. Good to see Mike Bivins on the j-o

- (many) Black people will love Barry Bonds and the Williams sisters...forever

- Tiger Woods has turned into a cool cat right in front of our eyes

- That espn show about the coolest sports star is stupid


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