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Monday, September 11, 2006

We in the house like Koreans in Korea

Wanted to write a bout a few things this morning.

- Football, no time to go into the depth that I want. Nice showing Eli. Terrible pass interference call. Jets win
- Block parties are dope, that is pretty much it
- 9/11 recollection, figured there is too much of that already

So what I settled was a quick mention of how happy I am that the new Kweli single doesn’t suck. It is actually pretty good. After ‘Beautiful Struggle’ I was very worried. ‘Listen’ is as dope of a record as he gas put out since ‘Get By.’

On the stroll down the hill ‘K.O.S.” came on the iPizzlino. I said it then and I say it now, that was my favorite song on the Black Star album. Maybe not the best as that is subjective, but my favorite. And from that great song I am adopting the new motto for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival…

“With so many people focusing on Black poor people’s extermination, we keep it balanced with that knowledge of self, determination”



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