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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just fishing for content

Was watching ESPN this morning and they had this stupid segment about whether it was time to bench Drew Bledsoe and Jake Plummer after their week 1 losses. What kind of story is that? What a waste of air.

I feel sorry for the coaches who have to sit in these press conferences and actually field these questions.

One bad week and you bench Jake who took you to a 13-3 record last year. Stupidity.

Bench Bledsoe for Tony Roma? If you don’t want to wait and see what Drew does with T.O. you’re an idiot.

And these people are not idiots and I can appreciate that now. They are just fishing for content. When there is no story they have to make one up. And this is the type of stuff that catch’s people’s attention.

I remember when ESPN was claiming there was a locker room revolt when the Pats lost their first game of the season that launched their dynasty. There was no story that week and there is not one now.

So people be careful what you hear because journalists loved to get you riled up for no damn reason.


I also heard Lupe get played on Wendy Williams last night. Funny.
She called him gay for wearing those tight ass jeans, told him come back when he sold some records, pointed out only one person called in to speak to him. It was rough. And she has no problem airing people out. (Eb listens in the car religiously)

And what happened to his buzz? That joint seems to have fizzled out like a diet coke left on the front stoop over night. I hope that revamped record is the truth. Otherwise there will be a great lesson to be learned here. That is another post sweetheart…


Blogger Ian said...

Sorry...the revamped "Food & Liquor" is as dry as a sawdust sandwich on stale rye.

September 17, 2006 1:07 AM


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