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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

from the Jelly Pool Party on Sun

went to Williamsburg to check out the venue and listen to the pied piper of cool ?uesto. Not sure those indie rock kids knew any of the stuff he was playing besides the Jay Z and Gnarls stuff.

Crowd was interesting. Venue is dope. Nice vibe. Great weather. Good time.

And plus I saw my man G from the Brewery who laced me with Weisses for the short time I was in the house. Kim Trick 'Daddy' was in the house and put me up on Beirut who was actually pretty interesting.

from the vip section. you know how we do ----fake!
no free beer, just some Red Bull syrup.
this woman was happier than she looked

the grand gathering of the Brooklyn intelligentsia.
I think I outweighed all the women in this picture...combined
What do they eat? I mean how do you live?

stage is off the hook. big $ was put into that joint.
the dodgeball galdiator arena is behind the fencing

gotta have port a potty's

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