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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Whine and cheese

The title of today's post is attributed to the great urban poet Joell Ortiz. For this week I am in the true land of w(h)ine and cheese for some, Martha's Vineyard. A couple of musings from the SC

- it's not bourgie as you think

-but those annoying WASPs and Buppies are here. Don't trip

-great for Miles Boogie

-and Roxy

-the stress and tension of New York simply don't exist and that's a good thing

-saw Spike Lee...twice

-those who know me know I am just a Hip-Hop nerd. And I get a real kick out of meeting the Uncle Ralph's and Prince Paul's and Ali Shaheed's. Seeing Spike was a moment for me, but for most they were too cool. Whatever

-getting my grill on nightly. Call me the Black Bobby Flay, cuzzo.
Tuna, country ribs, whitefish. I gets bizzy.

Enjoy yourself y'all


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