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Thursday, July 20, 2006


A few weeks back the Bodega crew was privy to a listening session for Snoop’s next album “Blue Carpet Treatment.” Although nothing he has put out touches the immortal “Doggystyle” we are always interested in news from the Dogfather. The new record features the usual cast of character particularly, Calvin Broadus’ new best friend, Skateboard P. They teamed up with Brandy for ‘Beautiful’ part 2 aka ‘So Special’ which works for what it is.

The underlying theme of ‘Blue Carpet’ is West Coast unity and actually a return to West Side supremacy. To that end Snoop scooped up Yay Area king (for the 2nd time) E-40 Fonzorelli, the scene stealer form Menace II Society – MC Eiht (‘y’all 2 are acting like some little bitches now’), The Dogg Pound and put them over a Ric Roc beat for ‘Candy.’ Nice show of North and South Cali unity.

There is also a Black/Brown unity song with B-Real called ‘Vato.’ It rocks over an ill Neptunes track. Word is it will be the first single. Snoop continues to get his ‘Kofi Anan on’ with a Blood/Crip unity song with The Game. On this one Snoop dons the alias of Niggaraci and gets behind the boards to produce the beat.

Also on the record is R ‘piss on you’ Kells and ‘where have you been?’ milk carton Virginia producer Nottz, the cock diesel Timbaland (who this writer hopes has had relations with Nelly Furtado…rowrrr) and Terrence Martin (I have no idea who that is).

Snoop’s blunted rep from Doggy Style Records (who attempted in vain to get our own Kim Trick ‘or treat’ smacked on some sticky icky) also announced that the album will be dropping in October with an anime companion following in November. The animated DVD, “The Adventures of the Blue Carpet Treatment”, will feature an animated video for every song on ‘Blue Carpet.’ Sort of like 50 did with ‘The Massacre’ re-issue. Never saw that joint, but I like the concept. In February Snoop will be releasing a more mainstream record (‘Blue Carpet’ is for the streets like ODB was for the babies). That record will be the soundtrack to the Snoop film vehicle “A Woman’s Touch.”

On a side note the Doggy Style rep trying to get our guys along with reps from Cornerstone and Think Tank high in front of the Geffen staff was probably the funniest and most uncomfortable moments in professional history. I say Kim should have taken 2 hits and pass like a Gangstarr song to show East and West Coast unity. You know those trees were top notch. Oooooooooooooooooh-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Blogger Mr. Clark said...

Wow... Had I not ever read this post I would not have had more ammo to clown Kim on. :) Us Ohioans have to stick and joke together, ya dig. Great post.

July 22, 2006 6:54 PM


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