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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Warriors!!! come out and play

Is Superman Gay?
Some say he is gay, some say he is a Christ figure.
That outfit is definitely not very hetero when you think about it. I thought the new movie was gonna kill the red and blue suit. Maybe go with some fly black and white joint.
Isn’t that in the comics?

I like Field Mob

Now I love Mark Cuban (Joey), but he is crying like Miles at bed time right now. Blaming everyone except his defense for letting D Wade whoop that ass.
And getting the rules (about the back court call) wrong and showing his ignorance. That is why we let the refs do the reffing.
If the Mavs lose you know he will not chalk up it up to the better team winning. It will be some well thought out blog post about the thermo dynamics of David Stern’s mind.

I do believe Miami broke their back the other night. They should not have won. They need to close in 6 because if Dallas wins Game 6 they will gain their heart back.
Riley needs to drop the hammer.

Maya Azucena on WNYC’s Soundcheck today. Wonderful job

Word is we are gonna do a NY1 interview as well, on Friday


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