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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You stay Classy

-'Belly' sequel?... word!

-this movie? whatever

-Dwayne Wade?... word!

-Staying up to watch the game instead ofdoing the dishes and going to bed...word

-Not so sure about this, however...

A new show being developed for VH1 from the exec producer of America's Next Top Model Ken Mok, is called Egotrip Presents The White Rapper Show, per Variety. A reality show with 12 white contestants, all looking to be the next rock star white rapper. Michael MC Serch Berrin will host the 8 episodes ordered by the network. As with so many reality shows these days, all 12 will live together in a house in the South Bronx and participate in a series of challengers designed to test their musical skills as well as their social interaction skills within the African American culture.

... and I love Ego Trip

-Stay off my man the Congressman


Anonymous jblags said...

i'm thinking about doing an editorial inspired by the ego trip white rapper show for the site. i have a feeling it's going to be huge... and potentially an important look at racial perceptions/relations in america...

'all 12 will live together in a house in the South Bronx'
c'mon now - that's hilarious.

i'll be interested in discussing this further with you, but for now, what my i ask, are your initial reservations?

June 15, 2006 1:48 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

putting 12 white rappers in a house in the South bronx sounds patronizing. are we still living a world where white people into hip-hop living in historically black and latino neighbourhoods is noteworthy? or in this case entertaining?

not for me

and having Serch as the den mother is weird. the OG wigger teaching a new generation. wack.

I hope it's more drama than comedy

June 15, 2006 2:18 PM

Anonymous jblags said...

i think what the ego trip brains have in mind is something similar to what (most recently) chapelle's show did so magnificently with it's humor. sure it was satirical, but the brilliance lay in the sometimes subtle sometimes brutal social insight and/or commentary that seeped through the laughs.
it's not the white kids in a black neighborhood that's funny. It's hip hops relationship with white america, and vice versa that's at times absurd. the show is a parody of the old "great white hope" lore.

as i sit here thinking about it, i must admit, if it wasn't coming from ego trip, i would probably cringe at the very suggestion of a show with this premise... (michael rappaport in blackface ala bamboozled pops into mind) but the ego trip camp are no fools . i have faith in these fellas. and i have high hopes for anything that dares to investigate social taboos

p.s. how could you call serch a wigger? i hate that word. i guess that's cause i've been called one as a youth - in a very not nice way...

June 15, 2006 6:22 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

I hope it turns out that way

and I didn't mean I think Serch is a wigger or condone the term. I agree with you. was just saying that how it seems like they may be presenting it and why I am skeptical about the idea

June 15, 2006 7:33 PM


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