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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sebastian Christopher

So I finally saw Miles Boogie's new cousin Sebastian yesterday. 6 weeks old and cool as sh@t.

pics will be posted later today

I think me and Eb may have caught the baby making fever again. Get the Teddy Pendegrass playlist ready!

fall asleep on the couch and look what happens

- The Heat whoop that ass
- Shaq gets trucked by Stack!?
- and 'little country' (Avery Johnson) still has no answer for Flash

-damn Brits should have lossed to the Trinis

Taking my boys, The Brooklyn Admirals up to Beantown tonight for a little Lacrosse tourney-word

Can I tell you how much I love the Cristal boycott? Finally these millionaires are throwing some weigt around. That dude is gonna rue the day he didn't respect Hip-Hop.

he should have consulted Tommy, Courvosier, Jacob the Jeweler, and Chrysler before he opened his pie hole.

And speaking of Jacob you all know he got bagged, right?

you stay classy...PLANET EARTH


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