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Friday, June 09, 2006

Remember to "Save The Animals" as Common said last night

I have 20 minutes to go 40 minutes to make a meeting

SCR Bullet style

- the rain sucks for outdoor shows, (d’uh)
- Does Lupe have a DJ? Rest assured he will on the 24th
- Rhymefest is stiiiiiil dope
- Great to see Rakim although the rumor is true he is not the greatest live, but he is still the real god MC. There is no doubt
- Great to see Ra and Common on stage together
- Z-Trip is still dope
- Why isn’t he larger? Maybe he is and I don’t know
- Who is Room Service Promotions?
- Thanks for the shout out (singular)
- Common brings the best ladies
- All races, and clicks
- Not just the Badu-ists
- Common’s show is dope
- Did he leave with Jocelyn? No I saw her on my way out
- But he could have, there is no doubt
- Interesting last song for Lonnie Lynn, I was digging the drum solo
- Dummy had the best DJ routine I have seen in YEARS!

The Festival is gonna be dope
Wait till our special guests pop on stage

Have a good weekend


Anonymous jblags said...

jocelyn left with two dudes, who no doubt liked common just a little less post-show than they did pre-show. fellas, watch your girls round com sense, the man is a wolf in sheep's clothing. or golf clothing.

June 09, 2006 6:33 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Reincarcerate Yayo! Nice write up, dun. Gonna have to post mine later this week.

And which Busta song do you mean? The mellow joint with Q-Tip? That's DEFINITELY a jack move, as I have heard that beat before but haven't been able to place it. Straight Dilla.

June 13, 2006 1:21 AM


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