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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Coooool DJ the Mikey B y'all (aka notes from the B25 bus)

The long awaited SCR endorsement for NYC mayoral race is in. The SC
fully endorses Cool DJ Mikey B aka Mike Bloomberg. Not that anyone

Freddy aka Fernando (I love how he 'Anglo/Americanizes' his name then wants to ride the Puerto Rican/Black/Minority train) Ferrer is the type of ensconced politician that halts change and common sense. It seems like his main selling point is that he is a Democrat in a Democratic town. And if you vote Republican you're a sellout. Man, f&*k the Democrats, Republicans, Reform Party, Conservative party, Liberal party - all that. I vote for people who can get the job done. Protect my family and help my business grow.

Watching the Sunday morning talk shows I realized (again) that the news
industry is a misnomer. They are not reporting the news and certainly
not searching for the truth. What it really is, is an intellectual WWF
(WWE, I know. I am from the Hulkamania era. What can I say?) wrestling

2 smart ass liberals (Eleanor) on this side. 2 angry, arrogant right
wingers (usually male - Pat and Fat Tony) on that side. Whatever Bush
does the liberals hate. And to the right even when Bush bends them over
with Harriet 'the Chariot' Miers they still won't snap on him. It's as
juvenile as high school, but good for ratings. Hey, I watch every

The only impartial, intelligent news source I have found is NPR, and
WNYC, here in the 5 boros. My homie stromie Brian Lehrer, Ed 'Flash'
Gordon, Leonard 'Part VI' Lopate and BBC World News. Go slide them a dub
for their fund drive.

-the SC aka Vince McMahon


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