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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

BHF confirmations


While Wes is pushing strollers and wiping spit off his shirt the good Mark Cilantro is in the cizase.

Got word from Alma about the 1st round of confirmations for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

We have booked homeboy, Rhymefest, who got some ink for ghostwriting ‘Jesus Walks’ for Kanye. He got a Grammy but like that rat Chubb Rock Grammy’s don’t impress me. I did hear his single and mixtape and dude is nice. I wonder who does his beats. He runs with celebrity DJ/Fly Guy Mark ‘Not Da Spark’ Ronson. Ronson evidently has an imprint through J called ALL I DO Records.

Didn’t Ronson do that Nikka Costa record? That was off the hook. Would be cool if she was on ALL I DO.

The other confirmation is Leela James who I saw at SOB’s last summer. She is great. Quietly, I think she is gonna steal the show. I thought she was gonna get shelved by Warner Bros, but I am glad cooler heads prevailed and she is gonna drop her album in June. I guess you call her neo soul, but she is a bit more than that cliché. She has got one of the big church choir voices and her band adds some funk.

I know there are some other confirmations. Some that are gonna knock your (bobby) socks off.

We are also going to be donating apportion of the beer sales to The Scratch Academy and The Oliver Program. We are doing our part to help create little college grads who can crab scratch.

Until next time, keep your underwear clean and your sneakers tied.


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