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Friday, May 06, 2005

Good Friday

The Good Foot done did it again!

Prince Paul and I-Qeue killed it. Thanks to all who came out
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check this out about the new Freestyle DVD


Over ten years in the making, FREESTYLE: THE ART OF RHYME makes its highly anticipated DVD debut on May 24th, providing an explosive inside look into the creative framework of hip-hop culture and the improvisational art of freestyle … where MC’s express themselves by creating rhymes in the moment. Following some of hip-hop’s biggest luminaries, FREESTYLE explores the art form’s history, rules, legendary MC battles, taboos, social impact, and the previously unexamined dimensions of improvisational rapping as a spiritual and community-based art form.

Directed by rising filmmaker Kevin Fitzgerald (a.k.a. DJ Organic), FREESTYLE: THE ART OF RHYME documents the freestyle scene from the early 1980s through the present day providing a rarely seen portrait of hip hop that is at once entertaining, historical, and educational.

Winner – Documentary Jury Prize, Florida Film Festival
Winner – Best Documentary, Pan-African Film Festival
Winner – Audience Award, Pan-African Film Festival
Winner – Best Documentary, Urban-World Film Festiva

Winner – Best Soundtrack, LA Independent Film Festival
Winner – Best Documentary, Woodstock Film Festival
Winner – Best of the Festival, Adelaide International Film Festival

Palm Pictures (www.palmpictures.com), Chris Blackwell's audio/visual entertainment company, produces, acquires and distributes independent film and music projects with a particular focus on the DVD format. Palm Pictures was founded in 1998 by Blackwell, an innovator in the entertainment business who founded Island Records, Island Pictures and Island Outpost, and who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2001. Palm Pictures' entertainment properties include a film division, a music label, sputnik7.com, epitonic.com, Arthouse Films and RES Media Group.

Also some cool news regarding Zevlove X , I mean Geedorah I mean Viktor I mean Daniel Dumille I mean DOOM ...and Danja Mouse (is his production that tight?)

Danger Mouse And MF Doom Dive Into Adult Swim
As if producing for the Gorillaz wasn't enough animated mayhem for one lifetime, Danger Mouse is currently working with fellow cartoon aficionado MF Doom and Adult Swim on the latest in the Doom-plus-other-dude series, Dangerdoom. Doom is no stranger to extensive backstories for his records (e.g. time-traveling Viktor Vaughn and intergalactic King Geedorah), but this is on some other, other shit. Apparently the protagonists of this concept record are two masked mice (Dangerdoom) who live in the same neighborhood as certain Adult Swim characters, some of whom will contribute to the record. It has not been disclosed if Meatwad gives some shout outs or MC Peepants drops a hot verse about candy, but this record is already guaranteed to be the strangest crossover since the Kid 'N' Play animated series. Adult Swim is fully behind this project (which we guess means they won't sue for samples), though how the record will be utilized on their program is unclear. What is clear is that Schoolly D, the man behind the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song, must spit a hot bar or two. It is so necessary.


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