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Thursday, May 05, 2005


At the Be listening party. Nothing like an artist like Common, why?
Because he brings out the dimes. Nah, (but yes) this cat is good because he
takes his art seriously or at least makes us all believe he does.

If I had a dollar for everyone chick who cooed when Common uttered a sensitive statement I could have took a cab back home (that’s about $25 for those keeping score).

Whatever you want to say about Be, Common is definitely proud of it. He said Kanye referred to it as his ‘What’s Going On?’ – not sure if I can go that far. Those three love songs in the middle kill me, but I guess those are not for rough and tumble, ashy knuckle, MOP dudes.

Here are some tidbits I have for y’all from last night. And oh yeah once I get my ass off the Playstation long enough I am gonna transcribe my interview. Seriously, that shit takes maaad long. And I think the interview was only like 20 minutes.

There ARE differences between the leak and the real album.

-The real version will have the live version of ‘Food’ so cherish that studio version your nerd ass has on mp3
-‘They Don’t Know’ has a Kanye verse not a Consequence verse. Too bad Quence – you are about to get the short end of the stick again. Poor kid.
-I also think Common has a different 2nd verse on ‘They Don’t Know’
-The official version will be bundled with a DVD complete with in studio footage with Kanye and their stylists. (thanks for the scoop Room Service – membership has its privileges). Common like a TA from my Milton English Lit class. People can make fun of it but I like the preppiness in Hip-Hop. I guess i won't get beat up coming home from school anymore.

Other gems not revealed in the tell all Cilantro interview

-the ‘Faithful’ beat was banged out while Kanye was on his way to the Jimmy Kimmel show. Is that show still on?

-‘Go’ was written after Common, Kanye and John Mayer? Went to see ‘Ray.’ Explain to me why those three are hitting the cinema. And while you’re at explain to me why John Mayer gets all this Hip-Hop love? I don’t fully get it. He was on Chapelle wasn’t he?

-the ‘Food’ beat was stolen by Common from some Interscope project Kanye was working on. Whoever that is, is piiiiiiiised!

-Sa Ra Creative Collective is down with G.O.O.D. music? What about Ubiquity? Next thing you are gonna tell me Ice Cube is on SportsCenter

sincerely m.c.izzle


Blogger Swifty said...

yo knucklehead, there was only one verse from Common on 'What They Say'

May 05, 2005 5:25 PM


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