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Monday, April 18, 2005

'Be' Real?

Could it ‘Be’ that we don’t have the whole picture?

So I was talking to Kim in the office today and it came out that the Common ‘Be’ album that so many smarty pants (present company included) have may not be the whole album. In his online media day Kim asked how Common felt about the leak and he responded that what we have is not the whole shebang.

I always thought this would be a good deterrent from bootlegging. Leak out a little bit, make people feel like they got one over on the label and the bootleggers will look no more. Think about it. Ever since that leak the one thing all us bloggers and hip-hop fiends have not done is look for the Common album. We think we have it and if we don’t, no problem. We’ll get the real one when it drops officially.

There has been talk that there are 4 or 5 Jay Dilla tracks that are on the real album. That would be hot as I could do it without some of the love songs in the middle. And in my original post I already said I wish Comm had some more Dilla Dog on there.

Greg, Ian and I went to a conference on video game advertising on Thursday and I think I saw the future. I gotta get all the numbers together but the amount of money spent on advertising video games and the number of hours played is sick. For what I spent on an XXL ad for ‘Soon Come.. .’ in ’01 I could have 100x as many eyeballs on ‘Splinter Cell.’ (are people role playing as undercover agent while banging ‘Elevator Music’ I don’t know, but you get my point, damnit.) This is the new hustle, boys. New Media.

Especially for independents to survive we have to keep Guerilla (Unit- fake). Stay on the cutting edge and make sure we are stretching that penny as far as it can go. This video game marketing is goes much farther than a video or a BDS spin can think of.

Peep the article in Entertainment Weekly about Stat Quo dieing to get into the new Madden. (is there no stopping EA?)

By the way I got my Cavaliers killing them in ESPN College Hoops. I am one of those 18-34 year old males that spend more time on the PS2 than watching Survivor or some bullshit.

Trying to make out to LA for E3. Holla at Me.

Word has it DJ Muggs started a new label call Angeles Records and has signed Self Scientific and The GZA

Whatever happened to Monche signing to Shady?

The Boondocks cartoon on Adult Swim is gonna be crazy. Had a chance to catch up with my man Aaron McGruder tonight. By the way, you are not really ballin’ until you have an assistant call your people and then put you on the phone. I still take out the garbage at 55 Washington. The stars he has lined up is nuts, Regina King, Sam Jackson, Charlie Murphy, Quincy Jones. This thing is gonna be a monster. Hopefully you will hear some of our crew on there. Fingers and toes crossed.

On 'Growing Up Gotti' where did Victoria get her money? Family Bidness?
Why does Lil Kim do the intro and start it off by saying ‘I’m Little Kim Gotti’? Black people’s fascination with the American mob is silly. As my hypocritical ass sits here watching this stupid show.


Blogger Joey said...

I read that interview, and that was my first thought: there must be other tracks that weren't leaked.

There was a good story (maybe in the NYTimes?) recently about companies shelling out lots of cash to have their products and ads in video games. For instance, EA puts Coke billboards up in those synthetic arenas and stadiums. Etc. I agree, the data about video game consumption is staggering.

April 19, 2005 11:08 AM


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