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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Soapbox time

" frack you George"

" nothing but weights and sports shakes...as far as you know..."

A little political and sports commentary today.

The alleged cave-in by the Democrats on Iraq yesterday

I think it was a brilliant move by the Dems. As Chris Mathews said, this move gives the Republicans complete ownership of the war. The Dems gave them a chance to begin to back peddle out of this before the ’08 election. Bush pissed on it. Now it’s his.
The polls are very clear. No one likes this war. The chances of that sentiment changing by September are slim to none. Especially when the same idiots who caused the problem are still at the wheel.
The Dems did not have the votes to defeat a veto, but they certainly will by September. Bush’s own people have told him as much. Why keep the fight going past the symbolic Memorial Day? “Bush was holding the money hostage and I decided to be the bigger man and give the troops the money. He has until September and if we are still in the same situation clearly we cannot have the same conversation again.”
The only way they will lose is if the surge works. And there is no evidence that the Bush strategy will work. That’s a good bet.

Barry Bonds and the home run chase

Bud Selig had better be there when Barry breaks the home run record. And I hope all the Bonds haters are pouring over the records of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and all the rest. How do we know the Babe or any other old school slugger wasn’t taking a little Tony Yayo, speed or whatever substance was not banned during their run? The reality is that Bonds, McGwire, and Sammy all danced as close to the line as the rules allowed. If you think Mike Schmidt, George Brett, or Mickey Mantle didn’t bend the rules you are being woefully naïve. You cannot persecute people retroactively, and you cannot persecute Barry only retroactively.

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