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Friday, December 29, 2006

Last post before the new year

Randomness for the end of the year.
MOVIES to catch before vacation is over
-'Excalibur'. Great 80's cheesy special effects. Netflix it
-Casino Royale. Best Bond flick I have ever seen. Now I am not a Bond nut so I am sure many will disagree. Netflix 'Layer Cake' to appreciate the new Bond more
- 'Thanks For Smoking'

-The Knicks are on their way back
-The Giants are not. and I will be freezing my butt off on Saturday as they potentially end their sh**ty season
-Coughlin has got to go
-Tiki played the whole retirement thing wrong. I would have hated him in the locker room

- "30 Something" is a great song to pump while working off pecan pie on the eliptical machine
- I see from AOL Sessions Lupe has seen how a Hip-Hop artist can benfit from a DJ. What a revelation
- Videos have regressed and BET sucks
- I see why they retired Uncut. They just intergrated the show into their daily programming
- Battlestar Gallactica
- The Food Network

Parting words - be mindful of what you do.
My brother in law works for AP and was shooting the JB funeral yesterday. What he and his collegues chose to shoot will determine how millions view the Godfather of Soul. What seem like simple decisons can be more powerful than you can imagine.

Please Baby Please JB vs mugshot, bad perm JB
Fat Elvis vs Slim Elvis
Fat bloated Jim Morrison vs leather pants Jim Morrison
Inaguration Gerald Ford vs falling off the plabe Gerry Ford
Chair throwing Bobby Knight vs Isiah loving, chapionship winning Bobby Knight
How will your work be remembered?

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