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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday Randomness

Brooklyn is still ghetto - don't be fooled

on the 25 bus headed to the gig; this little booger was chirping on her phone with a level of rudeness I thought only existed in the most ignorant of Black movies.
Loud, cursing. It was so obnoxious it was comical. But overall it was ridicously embarrising.
Gentrification can sweep her ass out the door as far as I'm concerned

- I never liked 'Hypnotize'
- 2 year olds can run ALL DAY LONG
- what exactly is a backpacker. Is there a definition we can all agree on?
- I love Kanye but how much can we take
- man purse - thoughts?
- ladies, if you could afford that much Louis you wouldn't be on the bus...like me
- what would you do if a meteor was headed for the earth?
- Warren Snapp has a small person stuffed under his jersey
- Had a dream I had super powers like those cats in 'Heroes'
-don't judge a man until you have ridden the A train with his iPod
-teachers should be the hoghest paid people walking around


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