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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Recap of the 5th Annual

-Freddie Foxxx: likes to curse, not in favor of gay marriage, is a camera enthusiast

- Chen Lo is nice

-Nemiss is nice

-Mojoe is nice

I wish we gave them all more time

-old rappers lying to get backstage is depressing

-I wish the Mash Out Posse got on stage

-Lin Que is cool as shit

-Love seeing old school cats coming out with their kids like Daddy O and Lin Que

-Stet was awesome. They sound the same and still know how to give a dope show

-CL is always welcome

-did I mention how y'all need to support Nemiss, Chen Lo and Mojoe?

-I had a lot of fun with the text messaging

Dilla tonight. Let's have some fun.


Anonymous Wall St. Hip Hop Fan said...

Can't find your email on the site so hopefully this link still works. Its a WSJ piece about Google/Youtube copyright challenges. I agree with some of your earlier posts that Youtube has "changed the game", but with Google's deep pockets and claim of technological superiority, copyright holders will not give in easily.


November 03, 2006 4:18 PM


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