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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover Awards

a few things that were better than expected or did not stink as bad as they told you

- Dukes of Hazzard movie. Outside of the embarassing explotation of Jessica Simpson. (Pimping out Daisy was funnier in the 80's) there were some funny scenes with Knoxville and Stifler.

-that movie with LL and Latifah. Saw it on a plane. It was pretty good.

-LL Cool J. He is a much better MC than his lip lickingm GOAT-not, persona would lead you to believe

-Freeway. He is or was not a C level Roc MC. On many levels he is quiye brilliant.

-Beyonce. for some pop R&B shizen she is the best.

-Starbucks. Yeah they are a coporate monster killing you for brown water but... I have a friend in the Rwandan embassy who say they do quite a bit for that region

- NY Subway system. These days it's better than driving


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