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Monday, June 05, 2006

Dominica Republica!

Good and not so cool things about a trip to the Dominican Republic

-playing beach volleyball with hilarious middle aged Germans whose curses and jokes sound the same = good

-losing only one volleyball game all week = good

-an air conditioner that has a 50 degree setting but only gets the room to 70 degrees = bad

-that a/c goes out on your second night and you have to sleep with the door open and get attacked by diesel ass ants = bad

-roaches the size of an iPod nano = bad

-Eb finding one of those roaches in her slipper = bad, but quietly hilarious

-a 2 hour ride on a catamaran with free rum and college chicks = good

-natural pool in the middle of the ocean = crazy, stupid, dope

-Europeans looking at you like they have never seen a Black person = creepy and weird

-tomatoes and cucumbers served at every meal = strange

-all inclusive = word!

-getting the most out of the 24 hour open bar = good, but taxing on the liver

-having to read one of Eb's trashy novels because you read the one book you brought = slightly deviant

-not seeing Boogie all week = bad (and one phone call away from cutting the trip short)

-topless beaches = more good than bad

-male thongs = disturbing-watching the sun rise in the morning = no doubt

-parasailing = scary (I wimped out)

-getting out the city = absolutely necessaryAnd that Latifah movie where she thought she was dying is not so bad, perfect flight movie


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