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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back in effect once again, living the life of diamonds and guns, and now gems

I was really out of it last week as far as the blogosphere went. Between catching up on work and Miles Boogie my time is severely limited. The boy had me stressed out last night but that is a another story for another time.

Lot of things I want to shout out out.

First off, there are good things and bad things in this world. Remember family that loves you is in the good category. The 4th was dope as Miles Boogie got to see all the aunts and cousins. Check the flicks.

Second. I am not gonna front what happened in London got me shook. The chances of seeing the kid on the C Train around rush hour are slim and none. And Slim just went to sleep.

Third. War of The Worlds is a sci fi flick, yes. But in my Siskel & Ebert opinion it is more of a horror movie. That joint scared me. It is a great piece of cinema, by I am surprised Spielberg was cool with such a weak ending. That was suprising.
And what is the science with the 9/11 references? It was a powerful political statement and/or the most insensitive piece of cinema I have ever seen. Someone who has seen it. Holla at me. Let me know your thoughts.

Fourth. Digable Planets was and is a dope Hip-Hop outfit. Went to see them at Irving Plaza last week. I think once they do some more shows they will return to their old form. All my UVa heads can remember when they rocked Trax back in C'ville in 1992(?) . They performed that 1st album from beginning to end. I have yet to see an outfit perform that feat again.
They have not been together for nearly 10 years and they sound better than most Hip-Hop outfits out today. I will be looking for that new album.
Mecca looks good too. and tracks from her solo LP sounded pretty good.
the audience was much younger than I thought.

Fifth. It was great to see my man J-Live. Until I saw him I didn't realize how long it had been. He has been touring his ass off and recording that new album. August 30th. Cop it.

Sixth. Was out at Fort Green Park today. Brooklyn is dope.
Shout to Frances and Myeta.

Seventh. Had some really great conversations and meetings with the team last week. Great things on the horizon. CMJ of course. Room Service Film Screenings. And the relaunch of the Seven Heads label. Anyone who I have cornered over the last year knows that I am all about the digitization of the business. And that I will not put out another record in the traditional way. Plans are being made...

Eighth. Good looking to Elemental for running my editorial along with the pic of Boogie and Roxy. Cop it. Dondi cover.
Thanks to TV star C Rayz who gave me a copy on the way into Irving Plaza.

NCAA 2006 out this week. word.
Speeding ticket in NJ. wack.
Friday Night Lights. dope. Although I think they could have gotten someone better than Billy Bob. kind of 'Remember The Titans' minus that nasty racial tension.
9/11 Movie with Nicolas Cage. wack.
WNYC and NPR. dope.
Troy. fake LOTR, but still decent.
Seeing UVa cats in NYC. dope.
Trying to find time to write a book. hard.


Blogger Joey said...

"Blowout Comb" is one of the most underrated records ever. EVER.

July 11, 2005 12:36 PM


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