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Monday, March 07, 2005

Video games

A couple of things for you guys today. There was a lot of talk today about 50 as usual.
More people than makes me comfortable are talking about how they can see 50's various beefs getting super ugly. a la Biggie and Tupac. I hope that someone steps in and averts another tragedy.

Y'all see the demo for 50's new GTA type game? Graphics look ill, but with all the real life beef going on I hope life doesn't imitate art.
On a more global note, a story came out today about that Italian journalist who was rescued from Iraq. While she was being rescued American troops shot at her car claiming that she was about to run through their checkpoint. The troops killed an Italian security guard and wounded the journalist. Well, at the funeral the journalist wilded out and accused the Americans of intentionally busting shots at her! Check out the story on NPR. (NPR is the only truly objective news source in this post Fox news sensationalism of the news industry.) Call me cynical (just don't call me Shirley), but I would not put it past them. You just never know what's going on over there.
Also on NPR I saw a piece on the RZA-rector. Check it out and let me know how it is. I am gonna peep it tonight.

In music news, just heard that Common is jumping on a few dates with Jill Scott. Here are the dates so far:

3/4/2005 8:00PM Show
New York, NY / Radio City Music Hall 1260 Avenue Of The Americas w/ Jill Scott
3/5/2005 8:00PM Show
New York, NY / Radio City Music Hall 1260 Avenue Of The Americas w/ Jill Scott
3/11/2005 10:30PM Show
Washington, DC / Dream
3/18/2005 10:30PM Show
Detroit, MI / Fox Theater w/ Jill Scott
3/19/2005 8:00PM Show
Chicago, IL / Chicago Theater w/ Jill Scott
4/9/2005 7:00PM Show
Pomona, CA / Pomona College « just added 3801 W Temple Ave


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