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Sunday, March 06, 2005

This is embarrassing

This Game and 50 thing is downright embarrassing.

I have a bad feeling this is not going the end very well. People keep hinting that this is a publicity stunt, but I do not think these guys are that savvy. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. These guys seem like two knuckle heads acting out some pseudo macho bullshit.

However, if I am wrong Interscope, James Lopez and Violator are geniuses because even I want to hear "Massacre" and as anyone will tell you I am noooo 50 fan.

Anyone see that special on MTV about his release party? I am easily sucked into most any reality show. And yesterday they got me. He does seem like a cool dude and that show did a lot to make him more like a regular dude. When the neighbor's' children flipped out when they got invited was priceless. Mister Cee's comments were pretty unelightened and inappropriate.

It is funny how people in the industry can be recycled. Anyone who was in New York in the 90's will recall Jessica "Stressica" Rosenbloom. She was 50's party planner for this year's big shindig. But the original Stressica ran Stress Entertainment and with Funkmaster Flex through the biggest Hip-Hop party of the last 10 years at The Tunnel. That Sunday night party was your best chance at getting at Funkmaster Flex who had quickly become the most powerful DJ in the country. When I first came home from UVa every promoter had to make an appearance at The Tunnel to try and curry favor with Flex.

Stressica rode the wave with Flex and was running the NY party scene. I am getting old so I am not sure who is running things these days. I would like to see a reality show with her.

Also cool to note how much Violator has blown up. I remember when Chris Lighty and his brothers - The Violators were road managing and over all 'crew' for the Jungle Brothers and the Native tongue Collective. His cousin, Brian, used to live in the building next to us and I remember when Chris lived there for a month or so. I was way too young to hang out and never really saw him, but supposedly one night he threw a girl out the apartment buck naked. For a prepubescent 12 year old that was about as gangsta as you could get.

And we all remember Chris Lighty looking oh-so Afrocentric in the Jungle Brothers "Done By The Force Of Nature" inside panel. The Violators were that apparent contradiction in The native Tongues that exists in the modern neo Native tongue movement. Their crew preached peace but the Lighty bros would fuck you up. Q-Tip and De La were perceived as the most progressive Hip Hop artists, but they still made songs about groupies and orgies. The public perceived as new versions of Lumumba or MLK but an examination of certain pieces of their material paint a different picture.

Anyway before I get carried away. I hope Chris Lighty and Violator doesn't get physically caught up in this beef.


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