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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

don't miss that 7:40 bus

There are some days when I know why people move out of this damn city. Like my man Q who just bounced to Lawrenceville, NJ.
And today is one of them.
Riding the bus with Miles in the morning is like visiting the nasty underbelly of Brooklyn. Sometimes.
Like when I am late and have to ride the 8 o’clock bus with the people so pissed off that they don’t give up seats to pregnant women or dashing young fathers with their children.

I think these people need to be slapped. And these are young kids who lord knows need the f ***ing exercise.
This morning Miles and I had to squeeze into the middle seat of the first row. You know where the elderly and handicapped are supposed to sit. This wide bodied teenager had to nerve to cut her eyes at us when we sat down. And suck her teeth. Party people it took all my restraint not to cuss her out right there. Lucky for her, Boogie was with me and I held my tongue. I did throw a few verbal jabs before we settled in.

I was always taught that babies, old ladies, and pregnant get the seat. Not with this hood rat. And it didn’t help that she took up a seat and a half in the first place. Now I am no small table and I don’t approve of obesity jokes but come on. Don’t get mad at me.

Luckily she moved her nasty ass two rows back and Miles and I had a nice convo with the grandma to our right.

Brooklyn is still grimy – don’t forget

But it is a good day and my boy is getting smarter each day. These clowns can’t bring me down.


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