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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Ankh will set you free

Quick and Random Notes Honors from Hip-Hop

Overall, it is a great thing they are doing so I will throw no stones, buuuut…..
Here and there production seemed a little sloppy. Ice T was good at times, but other times he was silly.
Who was the host last year? Maybe they should get a comedian.

But like I said how often do you see Lyte on national TV these days. Don’t hate.
Here are some random observations:


Bloomberg is the man. “You feeling these kicks?” and he gave Ice the ‘pound-hug’

Beastie Boy Section:
Tracie Morgan was pretty fun even though some people didn’t get his jokes
That new show “Totally Awesome” looks good
Q Tip’s haircut was dumb fresh. The “slope” as they used to say in Queens

Lyte Section
Lil Kim sounded pretty good dope and the jumpsuit with one leg up rooftop style was fresh
Is Lyte the best female MC? Good question. A strong case could be made

Rakim Section
What is the deal with Rakim’s leather outfit? A little much for the kid. But he does like that gangster look.
Remember the “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” video?
Love the Gucci suits on Kweli and Thought. Those were money

Who is Black Ice?

Eazy E
Lil Eazy E sounded good
Slim Jeezy – that should be his new name
Where was Dr. Dre?

Russell Section
Luvbug in the house!!!!!
The set by Capri and Luvbug was ill
Sucks that Russell just sat there while they played Def Jam records
Funny how the Beastie’s were next to Russell. Didn’t they claim he stole ‘Licensed to Ill’ money from them?

Bam’s Section
Is it me or is KRS’s hair not growing, but what a public speaker he is. You have to listen when he speaks
George Clinton begat Bam who begat Andre 3000
The first part of the Bam performance sounded like noise
Fat Joe’s 40 Acres and A Mule jacket was money
That was the best performnce

Wu Tang Section
You heard when RZA saaid “Foundated”. That is not a word. I looked it up
Rae is still the man
Where was Starks?
Lil Jon is an idiot
Dope intro Wu segment where Kweli and them spit a linr
What did Masta Killa have on? He looked like a GQ paperboy
With all their hits I expected the Wu performance to be much better.
Felt like they ran out of time and had to squeeze in the promo for Ice’s wack new show

Final analysis: I am going to start carrying an Ankh staff like Bam. And I missed the Ice Cube section…not sure why?


Anonymous Del said...

lol @ foundated. i thought the same thing when i saw that. but then i remembered the wu have added so many words to the rap lexicon. it's practically second nature for them to make up words.

October 20, 2006 12:03 AM


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